Airsofters, welcome to SC Viper. On this board, I will be posting up some of the big safety rules that we ask all of our participants to oblige while playing on our fields.

First and foremost is safety. Here at SC Viper, safety is our #1 concern for all of our players and to also make sure everyone is having a great time. During the event of Operation Blackshield for our regulars that visit us often, all rules will be the same as it is for walk on games on normal business hours. For our newcomers I will be going into explicit detail about some of our rules.

Face Protection

Full face protection is mandatory for all players participating, meaning that players must wear face protection while playing on our fields. We highly recommend a paintball mask seeing how it covers eyes, face, mouth, and ears. Goggles and lower halfs are allowed but they must meet to our safety standards. All goggles must be "full seal" eye protection, another way of saying your goggles must make a full seal around your eyes. A good example of acceptable goggles pictured below.

Along with the goggles, a hard lower half is required. A shemagh or soft material will not be accepted as lower face protection. A acceptable lower half would be a lower wire mesh mask or a hard plastic lower half. Certain wire mesh masks and plastic lower halfs do not cover the ears, so if you are looking for hard ear protection make sure you find the appropriate one for your needs. Pictured below, first is a wire mesh mask that covers the face, but does not cover your ears. Second wire mesh mask covers your face and ears. If you have/decide to get a mask that covers only your face, you will need hard ear protection.

Ear protection is mandatory for everyone participating in games on our fields. Shemaghs, buckles, and straps of your face/eye protection do not count as ear protection. Must be factory hardened. If you use headphones with your load out, that is acceptable. Remember, it must cover your ear completely. If you have a lower half as pictured on the right, you are good to go. If you have a smaller lower half as shown on the left, you will want to make sure you have the proper ear protection before you get onto the playing field.

Mesh Masks

Players who wish to use a mesh mask pictured above, are required to make sure that they have appropriate ear protection and to have ballistic glasses of any type under them. Again, failure to do so will result into being denied access to the fields.


Any of the guns you wish to use at our park need to be chronographed at our stations to test the velocity of a BB ejected from your gun. All guns need to be shooting < 400 FPS with .20 gram bbs, NO EXCEPTIONS. Any guns shooting over the limit cannot be used on the field until they meet field speeds. Any gun shooting above the limit while on the field will result in ejection from the game. Failure to not having your gun chronographed will result in you not enjoying the full experience at our park. So once you arrive, make sure you get your guns chronographed right after you register/check in at the registration booths.

A sniper rifle must be bolt action only. Meaning you must pull the bolt back, and once you pull the trigger a single BB will be fired from your gun. All snipers are required to have a secondary or sidearm with them at all times. Snipers cannot engage a player closer than 100 feet. All sniper rifles may be chronographed at <450 FPS with .20 gram BBs, NO EXCEPTIONS.


PolarStars may be used at our fields. All PolarStars are required to be on 3 round burst, or semi only. PolarStars going full auto will be forced to use a respawn and/or can result in ejection from the game. PolarStar users may NOT use BBs heavier than .25 gram BBs. Polar stars are required to have one of the three nozzles installed: blue, gold, or green. No exceptions. Once PolarStar is chronographed, regulator must be locked. Adjusting pressure or changing inner barrel must be done at the chrono stations to be tested to shoot under the limit. Any PolarStar caught shooting above the limit on the field will be escorted off the field and must have it readjusted to shoot under the limit. Limit for PolarStars is the same as for any other gun. <400 FPS.

Dead Rags & Barrel Blocking Devices

Everyone must have a dead/kill rag on their persona before checking onto the playing field. A dead/kill rag is any type of red rag that tells others on the field both staff and players that you are a "dead" player. Any type of a red rag is acceptable to be a dead rag. Remember is must be RED. A good example of a dead rag is pictured below. A dead rag can be acquired at most airsoft shops.
Barrel blocking devices are required to be on all guns. AEG, GBBR, PolarStar, etc. It must be a legitimate barrel blocking device, any homemade or other products that are not meant to be barrel blocking devices (example: socks, pistol mag pouch, etc.) will not be allowed. Barrel blocking devices, just like dead rags can be purchased in most airsoft shops. Pistols on the other hand, can be somewhat hard to put a barrel blocking device on them. For pistols we ask players to put all pistols on safety and have them holstered when off the field. If you do not have a holster with you we ask that you remove the magazine and to clear the chamber before you walk off the field. A example of a barrel blocking device pictured below.

Engagement Distance

We at SC Viper have a minimum engagement distance of 10 feet. Meaning that you cannot shoot at another player closer than 10 feet starting from the end of your barrel and ending at another players body. When closer than 10 feet, players are to yell BANG BANG. If your opponent is unaware of your position and you tell BANG BANG, that player is eliminated. If you encounter another player either both yelling BANG BANG, or run into another player barrel to barrel, a player must yell PARLAY. Which forces both engaging players to be neutral to both sides and move back 15 feet to re join the battle. Failure to follow this rule will result into being forced to use a respawn.


I hope this guide helps many of you out. This is just partial of our fields rules, a complete list can be found at any of our parks and websites. This guideline is just to help you get onto the playing field as soon as possible with no delays what so ever. Please pass this along to all your fellow comrades to make sure they have the appropriate safety gear before coming out to SC Viper for Operation Blackshield: Trinity. If anyone has any questions about their gear, questions about the event, or questions about the park do not hesitate and ask away! We are here to help you in any way possible. You may contact me or other staff here on this board, or you can email me personally at

I hope to see you all out on the field, and remember to have fun!

Photos posted belong to Airsoft GI and/or SC Village/SCViper/Giant Sportz does NOT take credit nor own any of the photos posted.